Sunday, July 1, 2012

Never Too Early To Be Thinking Of The Holidays

It’s time to get in the holiday spirit with these gifts ideal for the wine and cocktail connoisseur.

Wine is always a go-to gift during the holidays. Make your bottle stand-out by pairing it with the Capabunga. This nifty reusable cap completely reseals wine providing a seal so secure you can store the wine on its side. Caps come with fun holiday sayings like “Naughty” and “Nice” and “L’Chaim”.

Lisa Leonard Wine charms:
Make sure your friends don’t lose their wine glass during the party with Lisa Leonard Designs adorable numbered wine charms. Each one is handcrafted with vintage letterpress numbers and strung on an easy to open ball chain. Each charm measures about one and a quarter inch thick and the set of 8 retails for just $46. The wine charm set is available at

Go Cocktails
We all love holiday parties, juts not the extra 10 lbs we have as a “gift” from a season of calorie-laden events. Your friends will be thrilled when you keep their waist line in mind by whipping up skinny cocktails with Go Cocktails. Portable, single-serve, sugar-free, powdered cocktail mixers that come in a packet for those who are watching their health yet still want a high quality cocktail that tastes great, without guilt! Just add water and ice and the alcohol of your choice. Available in delicious flavors, such as Appletini, Lemon Drop, Margarita, and Cosmo.

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