Monday, January 30, 2012

Glenfiddich Cask of Dreams Limited Release

Glenfiddich, the world’s most awarded Single Malt Scotch Whisky, is kicking off its 125th Anniversary year with the U.S.-exclusive launch of the Cask of Dreams limited bottling. This unprecedented whisky pays homage to the legacy of Glenfiddich founder William Grant who in 1887 pinned all his hopes on a dream to create “the best dram in the valley,” setting a precedent of pioneering spirit for his family’s future generations. A toast to that spirit, Cask of Dreams is finished in casks bearing the inscribed dreams of thousands of today’s aspiring pioneers across the nation and continues to raise the bar for innovation in the Single Malt category.

Cask of Dreams is the celebrated culmination of Glenfiddich’s 2011 Cask of Dreams campaign, a national tour designed to inspire people nationwide to pursue their pioneering passions and dreams and to help bring them to life. Glenfiddich Ambassadors Heather Greene, Freddy May, and Mitch Bechard traveled the country, rolling casks through the streets and landmarks of major cities and encouraged whisky lovers to write their dreams and aspirations on then. The resulting casks were signed by thousands of Americans before their fond farewell to Dufftown to help create Cask of Dreams.

Glenfiddich Malt Master Brian Kinsman commented, “When these signed casks were brought to the distillery straight from the streets of U.S. cities, it became clear to me that this Cask of Dreams expression would be a true tribute to the cask and all that it embodies: promise and potential, and the power to transform and fulfill—sentiments echoed in the thousands of inscriptions of yet-unfulfilled hopes and dreams. These eleven casks fulfilled our goal of pioneering an entirely new way to conceive of the whisky-making process, resulting in a fine non-age single malt that will return home to America to help realize the ambitions of others. I can conceive of no finer way to launch Glenfiddich’s 125th anniversary year of achievement.”

“Cask of Dreams fully embodies the Glenfiddich tradition of innovation and we cannot think of another whisky that has involved and actively engaged thousands of consumers in the production process,” said Lindsay Prociw, Senior Marketing Manager for Glenfiddich. “In 2012, we look forward to bringing this whisky back home to celebrate and, more importantly, help support those contemporary pioneers who carry the torch for today’s generations.

Cask of Dreams is a special marriage of Glenfiddich whiskies taken from a hand-picked selection of American oak casks holding matured whiskies of a variety of ages, with the youngest at 14 Years Old. This whisky was then decanted into the 11 inscribed casks and left to finish in the virgin American oak to bring an intense and powerful vanilla sweetness. The casks were closely monitored to ensure a desirable balance of the oak’s vanilla and spice with fruity, floral aromas, with Kinsman finding perfect balance after 3 months of finishing and at a high strength of 48.8% ABV. The distinctive packaging highlights the cask as icon, reflecting not only the participation of the thousands who had a hand in making this whisky but also the Glenfiddich distillery’s commitment to integrity, with an on-site traditional cooperage that is the only one of its kind left in Scotland.

Glenfiddich Cask of Dreams will be available in a very limited quantity of 3,500 bottles at select retailers starting in February 2011, with a recommended retail price of $99.

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