Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Amazing Food Fact Machine teaches children and adults surprising facts about what they're eating

Did you know that wild rice isn't really rice? It's actually a type of grass seed. Did you know that many bottled, flavored "tea" beverages contain no tea at all? Or that soy protein is made using a highly explosive chemical solvent? These and hundreds of other amazing food facts are revealed in the new "Amazing Food Fact Machine" just launched by Natural News.

The Amazing Food Fact Machine is available now at:

There, users can click the "Generate a new fact" button to see new facts appear, along with reactions and comments from a cartoon character (the "office guy") sitting on a giant apple.
"It's surprising how little people really know about the food they eat," explained Mike Adams, the editor of Natural News. "In creating the Amazing Food Fact Machine, we wanted to give both children and adults a fun, educational way to learn some astonishing things about where food comes from, how it's made and what's missing from it by the time it gets to your dinner table."

The Amazing Food Fact Machine is kid-friendly but parental guidance is recommended to help kids understand the astonishing facts it reveals. "There is a deliberate dumbing-down of consumers when it comes to what's in their food," explains Adams, "we aim to help educate consumers so they can make more informed choices at the grocery store."

The Amazing Food Fact Machine links to two free, downloadable reports from which its facts are derived:

* 25 Amazing Facts About Food, available at:

* 25 Amazing (and Weird) Facts About How Food is Made and Where it Comes From: is an independent health advocacy website that teaches consumers about nutrition, food choice and dangerous things to avoid in foods and medicines.

Learn more at

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