Monday, April 11, 2011

TY KU Summer Entertaining: Sip It, Mix It, Bomb It

With the summer sun comes beach parties, barbecues and entertaining under the stars. From specialty cocktails to Sake bombs—you can sip it, mix it, or bomb it at all of your summer celebrations with TY KU’s portfolio of premium sakes.

While sitting under the stars, bring back the essence of the “Drink of the gods” and present your dinner guests with Sake, the latest alternative to wine. TY KU Sake’s refined smooth flavor profile with peach on the nose and a subtle hint of spice underneath pairs well with lighter Western fare yet is delicate enough to complement Asian cuisine. Keep things simple and serve it as professional chef’s do—straight up and chilled in a wine glass, allowing the delicate flavor to coat the palette. Try TY KU Black ultra premium Junmai Ginjo ($32 per bottle), or the new TY KU Silver premium Junmai sake ($16 per bottle.)

Lounging by the pool or in the sand, create the perfect low calorie cocktail for all your friends. Sake creates a perfect base for summer-inspired beverages that refresh and keep your waistline trim—so whether you shake up a Sake Siesta or add some punch to a traditional Sangria, everyone will enjoy their favorite cocktail creation.

While waiting for the grill to fire up, get the party started with Sake Bombs! Bring back the old time favorite—just grab chopsticks, a sake glass and bottoms up. The TY KU Sake Bomb Kit includes two chopsticks, a signature sake cup and a bottle of TY KU Sake—guaranteeing that the party won’t stop. KANPAI!

The TY KU Sake Bomb Kit featured above includes the sexy matte black 750ml bottle of super premium Junmai Ginjo TY KU Sake, a sleek TY KU sake cup and 2 stirrers.
Suggested Retail Price is $32.

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