Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Friends Don't Let Friends Drink Hot Sake

You wouldn’t let your friends drink boxed wine… so, why would you let them drink hot sake? The truth is that low-quality sake is heated to mask the flavor of impurities—premium sake should be served chilled and enjoyed much like a fine white wine.

Making it their mission to educate consumers on Asian spirits, TY KU the Premier Sake & Spirits Company is launching their third premium sake, TY KU Sake Silver. TY KU Silver is a Junmai grade sake, which represents the top 15% of all sakes in the world. With fresh and lightly sweet pear notes, TY KU Silver makes the perfect base to be sipped alone, or shaken into cocktails.

Below are some additional facts on sake that we think your readers might not know:

· Sake is the oldest known spirit in the world, first produced in China in 4800BC. It was further developed in Japan where it is known as “The Drink of the Gods.”
· Sake is one of the purest beverages with only four ingredients including: Water, Rice, Koji Mold, and Yeast.
· Sake contains NO sulfites or tannins. It is gluten free, as well as additive and preservative free.
· Sake has double the flavor profile of wine.
· Sake is fermented like a beer, but meant to be enjoyed like a wine.
Sake is made in a sake brewery, called a kura, from the fermentation of polished rice

TY KU Silver delivers the superior taste and quality that only authentic, imported Japanese sake can provide—but at an affordable, domestic price point of $15.99 per bottle.

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