Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Eat Clean Diet Stripped

How To Trick Your Body Into Losing Those Last 10 Pounds, And Launch Your Metabolism Into Overdrive

The Best Weight Loss Secrets Of The Fitness Model Industry

What: Exclusive Health, Fitness, And Diet Secrets To Lose Those Last 10 Pounds

Who: Fitness Guru Tosca Reno, best-selling author of The Eat Clean Diet franchise, seen on Good Morning America, Fox and Friends, in OxygenMagazine, and more

2/3 of the U.S. population is on a diet at any given time, and many find that losing those last 10 pounds is the hardest part. How can you shed that final layer and learn to keep it off?

Best-selling Health and Fitness Expert Tosca Reno has exactly the answers you are looking for, with easy tips that anyone can handle. Tosca is the bestselling author of multiple Eat-Clean Dietbooks, and her revolutionary techniques have helped hundreds of thousands of people reach their dream weight, body, and look. Her new book THE EAT CLEAN DIET STRIPPED: Peel Off Those Last 10 Pounds! (April, 2011), teaches you how to shed those last 10 pounds, and reveal the most fantastic you possible. With secrets from top fitness models, Tosca will take your body to the next level, and you’ll never believe how amazing you’ll look and feel after following her tips.

Tosca will share her slim-down secrets to lose those last 10 pounds, and will also discuss:

How to trick your bodyinto dropping those last pounds (Hint: You get to eat more!)
The best weight-loss secretsof the physique industry
How to use natural herbs to launch your metabolism into overdrive!
Myth busting:The foods that are supposed to help you lose weight, but actually keep the pounds on
Eating and training plans that guarantee results
Healthy detox plansto jumpstart your cleanse
Tips for conquering your cravingsno matter how stressed you get
Tricks of the trade to make you look 10 pounds lighter right away
Over 50 brand new Eat Clean Diet recipes

Tosca's life was like many others, she was miserable being over-weight, out of shape and living an unfulfilled life. In her early 40's she decided enough was enough, and discovered this new way of eating clean and exercising which transformed her attitude and health like she never thought was possible, which included a whole new career as a fitness cover model and best-selling author. Today at 52 and a mother of 4 she has never looked or felt better, and wants to help others surpass their unhappy place they may be feeling stuck in - and just soar!

About The Author

Tosca Renois the bestselling author of the Eat-Clean Diet®book franchise, which has sold more than a million copies worldwide. A magazine columnist and fitness model, she has spent the past decade sharing her proven plans with readers through her books, regular columns in Oxygenand Clean Eating® magazines. Tosca is sought after by the media to discuss topics ranging from health, nutrition and fitness. She has appeared on Fox & Friends, Doctors, Extra and Good Morning America, Good Morning America Health, and featured in First for Women, Woman’s World, Food Magazine, 50 Plus, among others. Visit her at

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Ceska said...

Most of this book's recommendations are familiar to me now that I've been reading and experimenting with healthy cookbooks for a while. It's a bit more stringent on the no-fat requirement than I'm used to, but it's all about good carbs, good fats, and combining carbs with lean protein to keep us feeling full. Where Agatston's South Beach Diet recommends three meals with careful snacking between, Ms. Reno replaces that with five or six small meals spaced throughout the day.