Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sneak Peak of Beemster's Ltd. Edition Spring Cheese

Graskaas is coming and so are the cows!

Beemster Graskaas is a rare, extra smooth cheese made in April from the first milking of the cows as they leave the barn for the first time after the cold, windy winter. The milk taken during the first weeks of Spring is the creamiest and is used to create a special edition cheese to be released at the Spring Cheese Festival.

This “Dutch Groundhog Day” signals the start to spring and is quite an experience to see as the cows literally run and jump with anticipation as they can now freely graze on the lush, untouched spring pastures of the Beemster polder.

If interested, I can send you additional information on Graskaas along with recipes and some samples of the other Beemster cheeses (we can send you samples of Graskaas once we receive them in June).

Additionally, with the grilling season just around the corner, I thought you might be interested in trying Beemster’s Mustard Seed cheese, which is fantastic on burgers or atop a spring salad!

The cows will be coming out on April 7th this year. Below is a link to last year’s Graskaas.


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