Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cook Number Gas Grills

The Outdoor GreatRoom Company, the leader in outdoor room product and design, recently unveiled a new lineup of Cook Number® Gas Grills, featuring improved, chef-inspired performance and an expanded selection of product models.

First launched in January 2008, the popular Cook Number Series was designed for grilling with ease and confidence while using less energy than a traditional gas grill. Outdoor GreatRoom’s Cook Number system consists of 10 foolproof settings to allow precise control of internal temperatures for meat, poultry and fish. The grills now feature a powerful new turbo ignition that is both fast and reliable; an enhanced grease management system with disposable aluminum trays for efficient, tidy clean up; and a one-piece porcelain sear plate. Quick access to burners, “S” hooks for tools, and sleek control panel graphics also give the grillmaster increased control and performance.

“Our Cook Number Grills are a homerun product,” said Dan Shimek, President and Owner of Outdoor GreatRoom Company. “Not only do they offer professional grade quality and performance, but they do it using about half the BTUs of traditional gas grills, making them a greener, more energy efficient option. On top of that, our extremely value-driven price structure is well below the price of competitive products in this category.”

The expanded product line now includes the JAG Series, available in 24” and 36’’, in sleek porcelain black with spice and paper towel racks and an optional side burner with a flip cover door. For more information, or to find which specialty retailers carry Cook Number Grills, visit www.outdoorrooms.com.

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