Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Chefz Table

Bringing the restaurant experience to your own home. It’s the premise of a great new company, Chefz Table. With chefs located in cities all over the country, is a great one stop shop to find a personal chef. I think your readers would be interested in learning more- additional info below.

Only celebrities and the wealthy can afford personal chefs, right? Wrong! Chefz Table offers affordable personal chef services so you can plan a special and unique “date night in.” They work with you to come up with a personalized menu, do all the grocery shopping, come right to your house, cook, serve, and even clean up! You can join in and learn how to cook the dish or you can sit by with your sweetie and sip on wine. It’s a fun new way to do date night!

Chefz Table is the brain child of Ashlee McCusker, who while going through chemotherapy to treat breast cancer, wanted to come up with a way to make sure her family continued to eat healthy. is a network of professionally trained chefs all across the U.S., who will come into your own home and teach you how to cook & stock your fridge with healthy and nutritious foods. They are also affordable, making a great choice for families trying to stretch their food dollars and best of all, they are user friendly since you can choose your own course, chef and book them all in one convenient place.

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