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U.S. Wellness Meats & Ergo Chef's Guy Fieri Knives

NOTE: We had the honor or trying both the U.S. Wellness Meats and the Fieri Knives. Both are top notch and as good as it gets. We highly recommend them–you can't go wrong!

U.S. Wellness Meats:

The “marbled myth”—that steaks marbled with fat are of the best quality—is one propagated by agribusiness and factory farms, but consumers now have a choice. In the heart of Missouri, a small cooperative of American family farmers known as U.S. Wellness Meats ( is redefining the standards for the taste, health and safety of red meat with a combination of best farming practices and personal responsibility.

There is no need for antibiotics, hormones or artificial flavors here: the centuries-old grazing methods ensure that cattle grow up on their natural diet and yield the tastiest steaks, leanest meats and freshest dairy products around. U.S. Wellness Meats ships directly to consumers, so meat arrives fresh from the farm. There are no questionable middle-men between eaters and their dinners.

U.S. Wellness Meats products also prove that meat can, in fact, be part of a healthy diet. Grass-fed animals live on nutrient-rich forage, so their meat is rich in vitamins A and E, healthy omega-3 fatty acids and the cancer-fighting conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). USWM products are also significantly lower in fat and bad cholesterol than feedlot-raised, supermarket beef.

Guy Fieri’s Knuckle Sandwich Line of Ergo Chef Knives:

Chef Guy Fieri may be known for bbq ribs and fried chicken, but his latest venture promises to make his name synonymous with cool comfort and great style in the kitchen.

Fieri has teamed up with the two-brother knife-manufacturing team at Ergo Chef to create a new line of outrageously-designed, ergonomic knives that will appeal as much to the professional chef as they will the grill master, the line cook and the everyday home chef. And though his "Knuckle Sandwich" Series will definitely appeal to the guy's guy, there's a good chance his knives will become the favorites of everyone in the kitchen.

Fieri's "Knuckle Sandwich" knives aren't just a celebrity vanity project. They're road tested...

After using Ergo Chef knives for a year in his own kitchen, Fieri was smitten with the product, but he wanted to create a product that reflected his energy and approach to cooking. So the Knuckle Sandwich line features an edgy flame/star design inlaid on the handle and etched on the blade, and the meat tenderizer on the grip really makes the Knuckle Sandwich a "knife's knife." And besides being the coolest thing to hit kitchens since the icebox, the knife addresses a common ailment afflicting home and professional chefs: the repetitive stress injury resulting from constant cutting and chopping.

Full details follow…

Chef Guy Fieri Teams up with Knife Manufacturer Ergo Chef to Create Branded "Knuckle Sandwich" Series Knives

Fieri Knives Mark First Celebrity-Chef Product Line from Ergo Chef, Makers of Quality Cutlery That Emphasizes True Ergonomic Comfort in the Kitchen

Today's food industry is a high-glamour, high-appeal and high-profit machine, giving rise to a variety of chefs who seem as influenced by Bret Michaels as Julia Child. Enter Guy Fieri. Melding a rocker's appeal with a chef's talent and sensibility, Fieri is the epitome of style and sense in the kitchen, which is precisely why he chose to partner with Ergo Chef to introduce his new line of knives. The "Knuckle Sandwich" Series of knives couple Guy Fieri-inspired knife handles with ergonomic design. Glitz and glam aside, cooks everywhere still suffer from the same hand and wrist issues they always have. The Guy Fieri "Knuckle Sandwich" Series will be available to the public in November 2009, and is currently available for pre-order at

"In 2007 I met the designers of Ergo Chef at a gourmet show. I used the cutlery on stage during my demo and was given a set to take home," said Fieri. "After a year of wear and tear in my kitchen, I was hooked on the quality and design of their product. Before I knew it, I was teaming up with them to develop my own collection. We sketched a range of designs lookin' for the select few that really rocked technically and aesthetically!"

The Knuckle Sandwich Series includes two knives-the 8" Chef knife with crisscross crusher ($76) and the 5-1/2" Utility knife, which Fieri nicknamed the "Dragon Dagger" ($45). The two knives are forged and feature a black and red handle with a flame-wave design. The design is accented with a polished star to complete Guy's look. The steel is high-carbon German stainless steel (X50CrMoV15) for long edge life, durability and stain resistance, and the blade is artistically etched with the "Guy Fieri Knuckle Sandwich" logo and flames as a bold expression of Guy Fieri's Hot Rod/Rock 'n' Roll attitude.

Ergo Chef is the brainchild of Mike and Scott Staib, who merged their talents to address the most common ailments afflicting chefs: repetitive stress injuries resulting from constant cutting and chopping. Scott, a practicing chef and Johnson & Wales graduate who knew firsthand the physical challenge of the kitchen, and Mike, a business guy with a talent for building and fixing things, came together to create a high-quality, ergonomically-designed line of knives specifically for chefs.

"Just like the corporate world introduced ergonomically-shaped keyboards and chairs to offices to address physical ailments and discomfort in the , workplace, we've created a collection of high-quality knives that address very real and prevalent issues in the food world without sparing quality in the process," said Mike Staib.

Since meeting Scott and Mike Staib in 2007, Fieri has continued to use the Ergo Chef Pro-Series Knives at home, on his Food Network Shows, "Guys Big Bite" and "Guy off the Hook", as well as at his live demos across the country.

About Ergo Chef
Ergo Chef ( is revolutionizing the culinary industry with ergonomically-designed cutlery that matches user comfort with the highest quality craftsmanship. Designed with both the professional chef and kitchen enthusiast in mind, Ergo Chef's cutlery boasts high balance, comfort, and carbon steel precision ground blades that simply stay sharp longer. In November 2009, Ergo Chef will introduce its new Chef Guy Fieri "Knuckle Sandwich" Knife Series. The Ergo Chef Pro-Series line is backed with a 30-day money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty against manufacturers' defects in workmanship.

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