Thursday, November 5, 2009

New Indian Cooking Sauces Debut at Metro Cooking Show

A new twist on Indian cuisine inspired by Portuguese and British influences will be presented by Stonehouse 27 at The Metro Cooking & Entertaining Show this weekend at the Washington Convention Center. The company’s all natural gourmet Indian cooking sauces, unlike any other found on store shelves today, will be demonstrated and sold in the NASFT Pavilion -- Booth N11.

Inspired by the Portuguese and British Indian heritage of the company’s founder, Sharon Fernandes, Stonehouse 27 sauces use the colonial influence of cooking with fresh meats (most popularly beef and pork), seafood and poultry, along with fine fresh ingredients, spices and herbs to create a flavor profile and texture that is truly unique and distinguishable from other Indian products on the market. These unique and exotic sauces are made with authentic home cooked texture and flavor preserved by using traditional cooking techniques, such as stone grinding of seeds and roasting of chili peppers.

Healthy Yet Exotic: Agave Nectar & No Added Salt
Keeping health in mind, the sauces contain no added salt (sodium level as low as 5 mg per serving, for instance, in the Dates & Tamarind sauce), use agave nectar instead of refined sugar, heart healthy canola oil and local dairy that is free from antibiotics and growth hormones.

Simply add fresh meats, seafood, fish or poultry, and vegetables, and then simmer. Serve with a fresh salad, rice or bread and you have a delicious home cooked meal that everyone will enjoy! “Our sauces make exotic cooking easy,” says Sharon Fernandes. “Cooks can create healthy dishes for an everyday home cooked meal or one that will surely impress guests, from start to finish in less than 30 minutes. Everyone will think you slaved in the kitchen all day.”

Six Varieties from Mild to Spicy Hot and Sweet
Stonehouse 27 sauces are available in six varieties and varying spice levels:

§ Cilantro & Coconut (mild): Mild Indian spices, fresh herbs and lemon delicately finished with creamy coconut milk create a light mouth-watering flavor
§ Tamarind & Garlic (mild): Tomato, garlic, tamarind and exotic spices tantalize the taste buds
§ Tomato & Chilies (medium): Aromatic spices and chilies produce a rich and complex tomato sauce
§ Cashews & Cream (mild or hot): Irresistible flavor produced through a complex blend of aromatic spices, cashew nuts and cream
§ Dates & Tamarind (hot & sweet): Succulent dates, roasted chilies and tamarind combine for explosive flavor

Sold Nationally in The Fresh Market, Whole Foods Midwest, Central Market and Expanding
Stonehouse 27 products can be found at The Fresh Market and other retail locations where healthy, gourmet and specialty foods are sold. They can also be purchased online at

During the show, Stonehouse 27 will offer attendees a “Buy Two Get One Free” special on any of its six sauce varieties -- a savings of one-third off the regular retail price.

Retailers and distributors -- for more information and show scheduling, please contact Sherwin Fernandes, Principal, by emailing or calling 901.907.9071.

We also invite you to visit us at to find recipes, cooking ideas and more information about our products.

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