Friday, November 6, 2009

Pickle Juice Pops Offer Unique Taste & Surprising Health Benefits

The product was created by John Howard owner of Outerskate
roller skating rink and arcade in Seguin, Texas. He has been
freezing pickle juice for the kids and adults and sells out
every night. Surprised by the sales, he decided there was a
market worth investigating. The company is also creating
flavored offerings such as Spicy Pickle Pops that are proving to
be very popular.

The company is also catering to the cravings of expectant
mothers with this unique sour snack. But it isn

Health Benefits:

A recent study revealed that pickles blunted the blood-sugar spike by as
much as 30% after a high-carb meal. Studies revealed that
vinegar, much like that used in the pickling process, provided a
balancing benefit to combat harmful insulin spikes. The spices
used in the pickling process are also healthy. Pickling
ingredients like garlic and dill help to control the growth of
unhealthy bacteria in the body. And many other spices involved
in the pickling have been known to have wide-ranging health
properties as well. Bob's Pickle Pops have no fat and have less
than 1 gram of sugar.

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David Millar said...

Thanks for the post. A recent medical study show they lower the blood sugar levels up to 42% after a meal. And Chemo Patients like the taste of the pickle pops during treatment.