Monday, February 9, 2009

Pamela's Products' Rolls Out 4LB Bag of Popular Bread & Flour Blend

Pamela's Products wheat-free bread mix is now available in a convenient 4-lb bag. Truly versatile, this Bread and Flour Blend may be used to bake bread, pizza dough, bagels, ravioli and pretzels among other things. The 4-lb size adds a new level of convenience and value for the home-baker. With a shelf-life comparable to other baking mixes and a diverse selection of recipe variations, Pamela's Gluten-Free Bread and Flour Blend is poised to become a kitchen staple.

"Our Gluten-Free Bread & Flour Blend is so versatile and well-used by our customers that the larger bag just made sense. Not only can our customers make almost every bread-based product with this mix, they can now do so even more economically than before," said Stephanie Robbins, Director of Marketing for Pamela's Products.

All of Pamela's Products mixes are simple to use and versatile. The package of each baking mix comes with a variety of recipes. The Gluten-Free Bread & Flour Blend can be used to create any bread-based entrée or dessert. From gingerbread cookies, to ravioli, and cornbread to cinnamon rolls, the final product is only limited by the baker's imagination. And when your imagination needs a nudge, you can easily search Pamela's Products recipes on line and in their monthly newsletter. Pamela's encourages people to experiment and create their own 'signature' breads and desserts. In fact, each year Pamela's Products hosts a 'Greatest Gluten-free Recipe' contest.

Pamela's Products are available nationally and online at For additional information on Pamela's Products or the new 4lb Gluten-Free Bread & Flour Blend, please visit Recipe variations and baking information may be found at

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