Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Gluten-Free Wedding Cakes Focus of Pamela's Products at Natural Products Expo West

Pamela's Products, an award-winning leader in the gluten-free foods arena, will serve gluten-free wedding cakes made From Pamela's Products Baking Mixes, at the Natural Products Expo West, March 6-8, 2009. President and Founder Pamela Giusto-Sorrells is working with a top-notch wedding cake company that are creates gluten-free cakes in various flavors to illustrate that 'you can't tell the difference in taste or appearance' when using her company's all natural gluten-free baking mixes. Pamela's Products will be located at Booth # 2664 in the Anaheim Convention Center (Anaheim, CA) during show floor hours (

Weddings bring together a diverse group of people in celebration; and a decadent, moist wedding cake--plays a key role. With a substantial number of people adhering to a gluten-free diet because of wheat allergies, other health issues, or a lifestyle choice, the idea that everyone can participate in the celebration of food traditions, while still enjoying a decadent, lush cake of any flavor is important to many brides & grooms. Pamela was inspired to connect with wedding cake company Branching Out to show that healthful gluten-free doesn't mean anything less than the best.

Throughout the day on both Friday and Saturday, Branching Out owners Jill Branch and Ann Sakai will create full-size wedding cakes, decorating them at the booth, and then serving them with Pamela from 4:00-6:00pm. One day will feature a white cake and the other day, chocolate; but Pamela's Products mixes can be used to create additional wedding cake flavors such as marble, chocolate chip, hazelnut or almond, lemon, tangerine, and more, as well as butter cream frostings. "I can't imagine a bride not eating her own Wedding cake!" says Pamela. "A woman I met told me that when she found out her daughter was Celiac the first thought to enter her mind was 'what will we do about her wedding cake?' With my mixes, you can have a delicious and beautiful wedding cake that is gluten-free and not have to apologize to anyone!"

In addition to the wedding cakes, Pamela's Products will be showcasing the following from their line of gourmet 'fast, easy & delicious' baking mixes and decadent packaged cookies:
Newly released 4 lb. size bag of Pamela's Gluten-Free Bread Mix & Flour Blend
· New Cornbread & Muffin Mix
· New Chocolate-Dipped Biscotti, in vanilla and chocolate flavors
· Debut of Ready to Eat line of cakes and cheesecakes--Cheesecakes are available in 3" mini and 6" sizes, and Chocolate Cake and Coffee cake in 6" and 9" inch serving sizes. (More information to come.)

Pamela, her Director of Marketing Stephanie Robbins, and the company's traveling baking diva and cupcake party hostess Marion will be on hand to discuss recipes, ingredients, gluten-free cooking, and, of course, to share sumptuous treats.

Pamela's Products are a tried-and-true staple for Celiacs. Celiac Disease is the world's most common autoimmune disease, with the only treatment today being a strict adherence to a diet devoid of gluten. Gluten is most commonly contained in wheat (durum, semolina, kamut, spelt), rye, barley and triticale. (For more complete information, please visit, "About".) People with autism spectrum disorders, cancer, wheat allergies, alternative diets, and even those adhering to a Kosher or 'natural' diet, also frequently turn to Pamela's Products for satisfying that sweet tooth or simply for making bread or pancakes.

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