Thursday, February 19, 2009

New - Food Savers

We could all use some extra room in our refrigerators, and who wouldn't
like food to stay fresher for longer? Here are some cool new kitchen
finds and space-savers I think your readers would find interest in. Let
me know if you'd like images, samples, or more information. Thanks!

A leftover pizza box can take up tons of room in the refrigerator. Now
there's a fun and functional new way to store the remaining slices. The
2 slice Pizzapartment conveniently holds the leftover pizza. It's
microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe as well. Now you don't have to
deal with the big box in the refrigerator or slices that are sticking
together. Check it out at

Keep snacks on-the-go chilled up to 6 hours with the Fit & Fresh Healthy
Food Snacker. It's the perfect size for purses, backpacks, or messenger
bags. So if you're snack of choice is chilled celery and carrots-
there's even a cool top section to store dip. You can always take out
the ice pack and fill it up with raisins, nuts, or trail mix. Visit

A new way to mix or blend things up when there isn't a blender in sight!
The Blender Bottle is perfect for protein shakes, pancake mix, eggs,
salad dressings, etc. Just drop the steel wire whisk BlenderBall into
the cup, screw on the top and shake it until your ingredients are
completely mixed. Available in two different sizes, learn more at

Bringing a salad to work can sometimes be a pain. Between soggy lettuce
and leaky dressing containers- it can get messy. Now it's possible to
carry salads in one easy container- salad dressing included. The
Original Salad Blaster is a cool 28 ounce container for your veggies
with a 2 oz lid for your dressing. When you're ready to eat your salad
just push down the top and 'blast' your salad with the dressing. Shake
it up- and eat! Check it out at

For more gadgets and space-saving solutions for every part of your home
check out

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