Thursday, February 26, 2009


An innovative technological twist is adding some
new flavor to the online restaurant search engine market. is
a uniquely-niched restaurant and food search engine that allows people to
search, not just by general cuisine or general restaurant category, but by
specific dishes to find the restaurants in their area that offer the best of
those menu items. FoodieBytes sports one of the largest collections of
restaurant menus in the country and helps diners discover the best food
items at those restaurants.

"Most restaurant sites on the Internet today are focused on reviews," says
FoodieBytes Co-Founder Amit Khetan. "We were tired of reading reviews and
wanted to create a site that offers much deeper content on a restaurant,
particularly on their menus. Our site offers the details that no one else
offers and in the process fills in the gaps for consumers who want to either
find good items on a menu or discover restaurants with the best menus."

FoodieBytes makes it easy for consumers to view a restaurant's menu,
top-rated food items, descriptions, price and even photos of menu items.
The site has an easy-to-use "Food Search" option which lists restaurants in
that area who serve the requested food item. Food Search also helps
consumers with dietary restrictions by helping them find options like
gluten-free or low-carb items. FoodieBytes also provides "Menu Item
Ratings" that help people find top-rated items on a given menu.

Khetan and FoodieBytes Co-Founder Manoj George intend to make FoodieBytes
the leading site for finding restaurant menus and top-rated menu items in
the United States. FoodieBytes is also currently working on offering dining
certificates from leading restaurants in some of the larger cities across
America to make it easy for consumers to try out new restaurants. In the
future, FoodieBytes also plans to provide nutritional information on menu
items served by restaurants.

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