Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Leader of grass-fed dairy products announce the release of their full product line

Grass Point Farms, the leader in grass-fed
dairy products proudly announces the release of their full product
line, available for distribution starting January 1st, 2008, throughout
the Midwest including the states of IL, IN, MI, WI, OH, MN, IA, KS, MO.
Based in Clark County, Wisconsin, known as the dairy capital of the
country for nearly a century, Grass Point Farms is the first line of
dairy products to be awarded the "certified humane raised and handled"

Grass Point Farms' full line of pasture based dairy products includes
a variety of cheeses (cheddar, sharp cheddar, Monterey jack,
mozzarella, Monterey with jalapeno, feta and blue), butter and milk
(whole, 2% and fat free). The cheese products will be available in 40
pound blocks for the foodservice industry, five pound deli loaves, and
retail packaging available in eight ounce to two pound units. Butter
comes in pound and 1/4 sticks for retail and deli, and forty pound tubs
for the foodservice industry. Milk will be available by half-gallon
cartons with an extended shelf life of 57 days, and plastic jugs with a
shelf life of 22-25 days.

"We are excited to be offering a full line of pasture based dairy
products and growing this specialty niche for national distribution,"
says Chad L. Pawlak, president. "By offering initial distribution
throughout the Midwest, consumers will come to know the benefits of
locally raised pasture based dairy products and demand is sure to

Scientific studies suggest that pasture raised dairy products and
meats have a more beneficial ratio of "good fats" to "bad fats" when
compared to dairy and meat products that come from animals on high
grain diets. Omega 3 fatty acids are considered the "good fats" while
Omega 6 fatty acids are thought of as the "bad fats." Studies also
recommend that maintaining a balanced ratio of Omega 6 fats to Omega 3
fats is a very important component in a healthy diet.

Another key nutritional difference between grain-fed and grass-fed
dairy products revolves around another type of "good fat" known as
conjugated linoleic acid, or CLA. Like Omega 3 fats, pasture raised
dairy products tend to have higher levels of this "good fat." Ongoing
studies continue to document the health benefits of CLA, suggesting
that CLA may be beneficial in combating arteriosclerosis (clogged
arteries) and reducing the risk of cancer.

The milk for Grass Point Farms' dairy products comes from farms where
the cows graze on the lush pastures of Wisconsin's rolling hills. This
ancient approach to dairy farming allows cows to spend their days
roaming the pastures and grazing on their natural diet of grasses. It's
this diet that produces cows that live longer, have fewer health
problems and produce the purest, most wholesome milk possible, free of
artificial growth hormones and regular antibiotics. Grass Point Farms
are also exclusively family farms, where the family provides more than
50 percent of the farm labor. "We put the family back into farming,"
said Pawlak.

Grass Point Farms, a brand of Organic Farm Marketing, Inc., brings the
simple goodness of pasture raised dairy cows to today's consumer. All
Grass Point Farms products have been made solely from the milk of
Certified Humane, pasture raised, grass fed cows.

Headquartered in Thorp, Wisconsin, the company can be reached at
888-299-8553, or

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