Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Frontgate To Carry Culinary Prep

Creative Culinary Marketing Solutions (CCMS) today announced that leading direct marketing company Frontgate will carry the CulinaryPrep™ kitchen appliance in its pre-holiday catalogs.

Frontgate, which is the recognized leader in catalog and online shopping for the home environment, will promote the CulinaryPrep™ in its holiday season catalogs in anticipation of high demand from safety and taste-conscious families who want direct control over the food that they serve to their family and friends. Prior to this exclusive relationship with Frontgate, CulinaryPrep™ was available only online at

CulinaryPrep™ is the only kitchen appliance available today that applies a patented process to remove dangerous impurities from food, including E.coli, Salmonella, and Listeria. CulinaryPrep™ uses the patented Grovac™ Process to remove unwanted bacteria and food borne pathogens from meat, fish, poultry and produce. Removal of impurities also enhances the natural flavor of food and extends its shelf life.

Jeff Schroeder, CEO of CCMS said, “We are delighted that Frontgate will carry our product. Frontgate customers are the same families and individuals that we believe want more control over the safety and taste of the food they eat. Our relationship with Frontgate will greatly enhance our ability to make CulinaryPrep™ more widely available to concerned consumers.”

Paul Tarvin, co-founder and President of Frontgate, said, “We are excited about the opportunity to carry the CulinaryPrep™ on an exclusive basis, and believe that the CulinaryPrep will do very well during the holiday shopping season. This is a unique product in a completely new category which is a great fit with our merchandising strategy and loyal customer base. In the face of near constant food scares, we anticipate that our customers will see the value in the ability to control food-safety from their own homes. Customers will also be able to enhance the flavor and taste of their food and prepare better, more flavorful holiday meals.”

CulinaryPrep™ is manufactured and distributed by Creative Culinary Solutions, Inc. and marketed by Creative Culinary Marketing Solutions. The product is available exclusively through Frontgate and online at

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