Thursday, November 29, 2007

Drink like a Brazilian

From blueberries to acai, purple still reigns supreme

It's time to start feeling good about the blues again; blueberry that is.

Once revered for its powerful antioxidants and other healthy properties,
blueberries were considered one of the original "super fruits." In recent
years, blueberries were pushed aside to allow room for new and more exotic
fruit that offer even more health benefits. However, there is a commonality
between blueberries and their successors; they all provide "purple power."

Acai is the newest "super" fruit in the increasingly popular food category:
functional foods, meaning they provide some benefit outside of basic
nutrition. In fact, studies have shown that this little purple berry is one of
the most nutritious and powerful foods in the world.

Bolthouse Farms decided to combine this alpha and omega duo of purple
power fruits to create their newest addition to the Bom Dia juices; Acai Berry
with Blueberry.
Bom Dia, which means "Good Morning" in Portuguese, offers drinks that are
different than their acai counterparts because Bolthouse has developed a
proprietary process to retain more of the nutritional aspects of the acai while
eliminating the gritty texture, normally found in the pulp of this berry.

The Bom Dia juices come in three other exotic flavors including mangosteen,
pomegranate and cacao, ensuring an acai juice for every taste. The cacao
provides a smooth flavor chocolate lovers will appreciate and the mangosteen
or "Queen of Fruits" offers an unique pear-like flavor and promising health
benefits. And with the increase demand for drinks that offer more bang for
your buck, in the nutritional and antioxidant sense, Bolthouse Farms mixed
acai with another one of nature's most nutritious fruits,

Bom Dia Acai juices can be purchased in major grocery chains and health food
stores across the country. You can learn more about Bom Dia acai juices and
Bolthouse do Brasil (see sidebar) at

NOTE: Received samples of this product and enjoyed it greatly!

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Anonymous said...

I recently heard from one of the employees @ Bolthouse that Bolthouse Acai juices can actually lower cholesterol. I drank the 340ml Acai with Cacao for 5 days a week over 1 1/2 months between doctor's appointments. The results were amazing! My ldl's dropped 30 pts., Total cholesterol dropped 20 pts., and liver enzymes dropped 30 pts. All without changing diet or taking medicine. My doctor was amazed. We are hearing from more people with the same stories. I am now drinking the Energy drinks with Acai to determine if I have the same results. BTW I am an employee of the company.