Thursday, August 16, 2012

Food gift ideas

Embellishments for the kitchen and chef that add some functional fun – these three kitchen finds make great gifts.

For the table - MYDrap
Entertaining doesn’t have to include paper napkins – there is a solution as convenient as paper towels, but far more elegant. MYdrap napkins and placemats come on a perforated roll - 12 soft, supple cotton or linen squares and rectangles that you can tear off as needed! Biodegradable and recyclable, they can even be washed and used over and over. MYdrap napkins and placemats come in 3 sizes and more than 20 colors.

For the counter - Toaster Tops
Attractive yet functional décor for the kitchen toaster - now the common counter staple can be the center of attention! Perfect for the changing seasons and holidays, Toaster Tops come in a variety of designs to suit any décor and makes a great gift idea. The tops not only decorate the home, but they also keep dust from getting into the toaster. See the selection of tops here:

For the chef - Flirty Aprons
Flirty Aprons are perfect to help today's woman accomplish kitchen tasks while keeping her clothes clean, maintaining style all while feeling beautiful. Whether a fan of vintage, classic, sexy or sweet apron designs, these aprons add spice to everyday life. With so many looks, there is a perfect fit for every woman.

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