Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spiked Desserts includes booze-infused recipes for cupcakes, frozen desserts, pie, brownies and more

Alcohol-infused recipes are all the rage at adult parties, wedding receptions, and other functions where sweet food and cocktails are combined for intoxicatingly delicious desserts. With the mouth-watering recipes inside Spiked Desserts (Fox Chapel Publishing, May 1, 2012), party-goers will raise a plate and toast the chef!

Spiked Desserts (Fox Chapel Publishing, May 1, 2012) includes 75 bamboozled recipes sure to please anyone who appreciates a fine cocktail combined with equally delicious cake, pie, popsicles, pudding, brownies, bars, cobbler, cream puffs, cookies, trifle and other traditional desserts. They are loaded with layers of flavor when liquors are added to batters, stirred into frosting, drizzled over completed cakes, or whipped into ingredients for a result that always ends in "mmmm."

Yummy recipes include your favorite cocktails:
• Drunken Strawberry Shortcake
• Dreamy Cream Sickle Log
• Mai Tai Cheesecake
• Root Beer Slushy with Galliano and Vodka
• Irish Nog
• B-52 Ice Cream Bomber
• Bourbon Balls
• Cosmopolitan Caketail
• Chocolate Martini Swirl
• Grasshopper Brownies
• Blue Hawaiian Cupcakes
• Mimosa ice
• Peachy Bellini Pops
• Grown-Up Smores and many more

Each scrumptious recipe includes a color photo of the finished concoction, along with instructions for making the dish, the amount of alcohol needed for each recipe, and advice for baking with booze. There are even extra garnish tips for adding beautiful finishing touches to each luscious dessert, using candy, fruit and other delicious goodies. The delectable recipes inside Spiked Desserts are sure to become family and neighborhood favorites. Cheers!

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