Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Premiere Online Destination Brings the Growing Craft Spirit Culture to a National Audience And Encourages Enthusiasts

Today, discover the world of high quality craft spirits at the premiere online destination that is the expert in all things craft spirits movement, The Hooch Life www.thehoochlife.com. The burgeoning craft distilling scene is rooted deeply in authenticity and utilizing local resources, yet is rapidly expanding in popularity throughout the US. The Hooch Life is a new lifestyle website that gives enthusiastic drinkers a wealth of insider information about ever-changing and growing distilling trends, what to drink, where to drink and how to drink better.

"The craft spirit business is exploding right now, with amazing new distillers making their way onto back-bars and store shelves across the country," says The Hooch Life co-founder and editor-in-chief Glenn Morey. "Our goal is to celebrate these distilleries and their meticulously hand-crafted products. We want to introduce spirits and cocktail enthusiasts to this movement, and to the distillers who are making it happen in warehouses, barns and garages as America's spirits entrepreneurs."

Dedicated to drinking enthusiasts everywhere, The Hooch Life aims to help them discover and appreciate the craftsmanship, availability and appeal of quality craft spirits. A crack editorial staff, including acclaimed writer/bartender/consultant Marshall Altier, offers a comprehensive array of coverage that includes (but is not limited to):
• Small batch liquor reviews
• Profiles of noted industry tastemakers in the world of craft spirits
• Guides to bars and stores across the country that carry state-of-the-art liquors
• Cocktail recipes tapping into the best craft "hooch"

The Hooch Life serves as the hub for information, inspiration and ideas about craft spirits and the cocktail culture that surrounds them.

"I love to introduce people to new spirits and drinks," says Marshall Altier, co-founder and Senior Contributing editor of The Hooch Life. "We've become a nation and generation of 'locavores' who care about where our food and beverages come from and how they're made, and I couldn't be more excited to provide one central place for drink enthusiasts to learn about and enjoy craft spirits and classic cocktails."

The current issue of The Hooch Life features a variety of interesting and one-of-a-kind coverage - something for every enthusiast:
"Hooch at Home" offers a trademark mix of education and inspiration. Readers can learn to mix cocktails like a pro, host a fabulous cocktail party, and stock their bar with all the essentials for less than it costs for a few nights out on the town. This week it's a classic St. Patrick's Day Cocktail Party at home.

Pickle Back? Yup, Pickle Back! Read about how a chance encounter at Brooklyn's Bushwick Country Club has perhaps aided in the rise of Irish Whiskey in the US.

Take an Irish Whiskey flight curated by drink expert Philip Duff, as he shows off 5 bottles from 4 distillers.

Listen to a 30-song St. Patrick's Day playlist, featuring highlights of the last 30 years of popular Irish music

The Hooch Life premieres new issues weekly, filled with on-going series, creative content and informative pieces written by experts for enthusiasts and fans nationwide.

Head over to www.thehoochlife.com for the most informative, ahead of the curve knowledge on all things in the craft spirit world - the Hooch Life is THE premiere destination for this burgeoning movement.

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