Thursday, March 15, 2012

Cheers to Dad's Best (Boozey) Father's Day Gifts Ever!

Ties and tees are tired and cologne and golf clubs are corny. This Father’s Day, celebrate dad by giving him a cool gift that keeps on giving – a special bottle of his favorite liquor! Whether your dad likes a casual vodka cocktail or is a sophisticated whiskey sipper, we have brands that will be sure to impress any palate.

We’ve curated a list of our most unique spirits destined to become Dad’s favorite Father’s Day gift ever!

For the Whisky Connoisseur -
The Dalmore, the world’s finest single malt whisky brand, is a gift perfectly suited for the dad with a discerning taste for scotch. Master Distiller Richard Paterson is known the world over for his blending talents and the characteristics he teases from the liquid while it ages in barrels the caress his whisky until maturity. He specially selects and meticulously combines six different styles of casks to make The Dalmore 1263 King Alexander III. SRP: $250.0

The Isle of Jura is known for its myths, superstitions and history in addition to its age old distillery originally opened in 1810. Producing a full line of whiskies, like the Jura 16 Year Old and Jura Superstition, Isle of Jura has long been a favorite of whisky enthusiasts and will definitely win dad over. Jura 16 Year Old has an array of uniquely intense notes, like marzipan honey, ginger spice and sweet chutney while Jura Superstition is a forcibly mellow drink with pine and peat aromas and a whisper of smoke. Jura 16 Year Old has an SRP $69.99 while Jura Superstition has an SRP: $53.00.

For the Bourbon Drinker –
Mom might have liked the dozen roses you got her for Mother’s Day but dad would prefer Four Roses Single Barrel Bourbon for his Father’s Day gift. With hints of ripe plum and cherry, spicy aromas, maple syrup and cocoa, this Kentucky born single barrel bourbon is both a thoughtful and delicious present. SRP: $35.99-$39.99

For the Dad with a Preference for Premium Vodka –
With an edgy and eye-catching bottle and a perfectly premium taste, Crystal Head Vodka is the perfect gift for the dad who appreciated truly fine vodka that’s as much art as it is legend. Created by actor and dad favorite, Dan Aykroyd, Crystal Head Vodka is an award winning “pure spirit” with no added glycerin, citrus oil or sugar. SRP: $49.99

For the Classic Cocktail Consumer –
For a dad who appreciates the classics, Antica Formula is a rare and special sweet red
Vermouth produced in limited quantities and highly coveted because of its heritage,
packaging and refined taste. This drink stands apart from commercially produced offerings because it is meticulously handcrafted and elegant enough to serve on its own, over ice. It also greatly enhances the flavor profile of dad’s favorite classic cocktails, such as the Negroni, the Manhattan and the Red Martini. SRP: $3499

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