Monday, March 5, 2012

Mom Invented Kitchen Gadgets

Leave it to moms to come up with solutions for the kitchen that make you say "why didn't I think of that?"
I thought you might have interest in these smart food finds.

*Good Bites - this makes it easy as A-B-C to prepare your child for the day. This reusable lunch/sandwich box has dual compartments to separate food. Plus, it comes with a spot for a love note or reminder about school activities.

*The Sandwich Cutter - a fun way to slice sandwiches, remove crust, and seal the edges - all with one push. Great for parties, finger sandwiches and catering too. The cutter comes in fun shapes including puzzle and heart!

*Tidy Table Covers - This is a great 'no mess' way to cleanup from craft projects and baking. The elastic banded edges provide a snug fit for your table. When done, just remove and toss!

*The Beverage Barricade - This product opens cans for you so you can save your finger nails. Also it rotates to protect drinks from bugs. Comes in a rainbow of colors to help identify the owner of the drink can.

Here's a full look at the Mom-Invented kitchen solutions line.

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