Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Superb New Herbal Liqueur In Red Bottle Is New Savory Way to Drop a Few F-bombs

Fῡchen entered its first competition and took home three first-place medals in the Los Angeles International Wine & Spirits competition. Fῡchen was awarded best herbal liqueur, best in category, as well as best in division.

For more than seven decades the LA International Wine Competition has bestowed gold medals to the best wines from around the globe. In 2007, the inaugural spirits portion was added to the newly renamed Los Angeles International Wine & Spirits Competition. The judges, world-renown journalists, pub and bar owners and distillers – weigh spirits against one another, awarded gold, silver and bronze to the most deserving. Like its partner wine competition, the spirits competition is well on its way of becoming the most prestigious judging show in the world.

“Certainly, it is a great honor to have been recognized by this top institution,” said Mark Rehberger, brand manager for Fῡchen, “But for someone who has tasted Fῡchen this should not come as a great surprise!”

Fῡchen is just what consumers have been waiting for in this wildly successful selling category – a new, grown up herbal liquor. With its 750ml sleek, upscale and eye-grabbing proprietary red glass bottle and its “now that we’re all grown up, step up to Fῡchen” positioning,” Fῡchen is easy to drink, fun to say, and offers endless play on fun with the “F” word.

The European-inspired but made-in-America drink is a sophisticated mingling of vanilla, cinnamon, and various aromatics that hold true to its classic German heritage. It’s a blend of select secret ingredients to yield a bold, yet smooth taste without the harsh bitters and lingering heavy after taste like others in the category. Crafted with an artisan’s touch and bottled in small batches, Fῡchen is handcrafted to ensure a smooth, rich, bold flavor with a higher proof and clever, complex, premium flavor.

Fῡchen is newly available this summer in select states and will go national in the fall.

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