Friday, July 8, 2011

Exclusiv Vodka Launches Rose Moscato Wine in U.S.

Think all exquisite Moscato sparkling red wines cost a fortune in America? Think again! Exclusiv Vodka, Moldova’s renowned vodka manufacturer that won silver in this year’s L.A. Wine and Spirits Competition, brought its popular Rose Moscato wine to the U.S. this month. Exclusiv’s Rose Moscato sparkling red wine is both high-quality and priced low at $9.99 a bottle, just like its manufacturer’s vodka. The delicious and popular sparkling wine will be available in New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Florida stores.

Rose Moscato is cultivated from the Muscat, which is the only grape to produce wine that has the same aroma as the grape itself. This means that both the Muscat and Rose Moscato have a sweet and rich aroma of dried fruits, raisins, and oranges. Americans will find it interesting that Rose Moscato’s Muscat grapes are considered the world’s oldest domesticated grape variety.

Exclusiv’s Rose Moscato is especially unique due to its roots in Moldova, a country with a deep history of wine cultivation. Grape-growing and wine-making in Moldova began 4-5,000 years ago, and Moldovans now pay a great respect to both wine cultivation and the consumption of it. Wine-making is both a passion and way of life to Moldovans, and their vineyards reflect their culture, their history, and, most of all, their way of thinking. They believe that “the vine brings joy,” and Moldova is now featured in the list of the top ten wine-producing countries in the world.

About Exclusiv
Exclusiv is a renowned vodka-distiller and wine-cultivator based in Moldova, a country that just gained its independence from Russia in 1991. The manufacturer’s products are steeped in Russian tradition and new to the United States. Likewise, Exclusiv’s low-priced vodka has won nine international awards that prove its ranking among the most famous names in vodka. Exclusiv’s Rose Moscato sparkling red wine gained great popularity around Russia, and is now available in the United States as of this month. You can become an Exclusiv Facebook fan at!/ExclusivVodka and find more info on the company at

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