Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Love This! Lollipops that help Quit Smoking and Ease Hangovers!

Three Lollies is quelling hangovers and cigarette cravings with their new additions to their lozenge and lollipop line up.

Everyone knows that smoking sucks and hangovers suck, but no other company has had the sense of humor and medicinal know-how to offer up a healthy dose of help. Three Lollies' new Smoking Sucks and Hangover Sucks are all natural, drug free solutions to easing nicotine cravings and the morning after blues.

Like all of Three Lollies' innovative lozenges, the Smoking Sucks and Hangover Sucks are doctor developed and consumer approved. Avoid self-medicating with another shot or just one more cigarette, and instead get safe, natural help in a delicious format.

For those who have quit cold turkey or are battling random cigarette cravings, the temptation to light up can be overwhelming. Smoking Sucks are here to help with L-tryptophan, a naturally occurring amino acid believed to aid in curbing the need to smoke. Three Lollies has paired this with calming essential oils and sugars in a delicious lollipop which helps to soothe nerves without nicotine. Smoking Sucks are also a safe substitution for cigarettes in order to get a handle on oral fixation. They appeal to the taste buds with wintergreen, pineapple, and cinnamon flavors that freshen breath and aid in the transition to a healthier lifestyle.

Why is it a night out on the town or a bachelorette gone overboard often end with a splitting headache and a morning in front of the porcelein throne? This is because alcohol depletes important vitamins and dehydrates the body, leaving a pounding head and upset stomach in its wake. Instead of reaching for another drink or your weird Uncle Frank's “surefire” concoction, give Three Lollies' Hangover Sucks a try. Hangover Sucks are formulated to relieve mild to moderate hangovers quickly through natural drug-free means. They are composed of an essential blend of vitamins that revitalize the system and ease nausea, dry mouth, and mild dehydration in scrumptious ginger, raspberry, and lime flavors.

Three Lollies products are developed by a team of healthcare professionals dedicated to providing safe, natural solutions to their patients and the world at large. The company was originally founded to help pregnant women curb morning sickness, and has since taken off. Their product line now offers safe solutions to delicate tummies of all ages and issues, without having to fill a prescription or pop a pill.

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