Thursday, February 10, 2011

Combatting Obesity, Diabetes and Hypertension without Drugs

March is national nutrition month. Our nation is not scoring well on our health card: obesity and diabetes rates are at a 10-year all-time high. The results, released by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention's National Center for Health Statistics, is based on interviews with 88,129 people and more than 10 years data collection for such conditions.

• Obesity can be a marker for future health problems like heart disease, liver disease and diabetes. An extra 35 to 50 pounds is more than enough to greatly increase those risks.
• Up to one-third of American adults are on the way to becoming diabetic by 2050. That's according to a new projection out today from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
• One in 10 American adults already has Type-2 diabetes — that's 24 million people.

Dr. Wayne Andersen, a leading nutritional interventionist, is helping thousands of Americans across the United States get healthy with his Take Shape program which helps attack diseases such as diabetes and hypertension. Most distinctively, he is helping people rid themselves of drugs to combat these areas.

In an informative interview, Dr. Andersen can contribute in the following areas:

• How to use foods, nutrients and exercise to fight diabetes and hyper tension
• How to determine if you are “healthy"
• The true, underlying causes of obesity
• Why diets don’t work
• Realistic, individual weight goals that fit your body type
• How to create a virtual health assess and embarking on a journey that leads to optimal health and a healthy weight

Dr. Andersen has been seen recently on Fox and Friends, Good Morning America’s Health and ABC’s, Talk of the Town in DC discussing his approach which allows for individuality and long-term sustainability of personal target weights and health goals.

He is the author Dr.A’s Habits of Health – The Path to Permanent Weight Control and Optimal Health. He is the co-founder of Take Shape for Life and Executive Director of the Health Institute, training and certification organization in the emerging field of health coaching. He also serves as a reviewer for Critical Care Medicine Journal in the area of nutrition. He has been a keynote speaker and presenter at medical and nutrition conferences across the United States and has been featured on numerous affiliate-based morning shows across the United States.

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