Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Go green at the mall & grocery store in style! Shine and sparkle with eco-friendly hot metallic shopping bags

You want to "do your part," to help the environment this coming year, but you can't bear the thought of carrying one of those recyclable grocery bags that look like they’re made from straw?

Ditch the plastic and even the paper shopping bags this year once and for all.

its-laS-tik by what’Surbag offers an awe-inspiring selection of stretchy, bouncing, eco-friendly, multi-purpose bags that every fashion conscious maven would be proud to carry on her shoulder – even at the mall.

Metallic bags

its-laS-tik metallic grocery bags, $14.99-$24.99 ea.,

Patent leather, floral, polka dot, peace signs, animal prints, graffiti and metallic styles are all available.

Various colors and patterns

The ‘its-laS-tik’ line utilize a special flexible nylon and lycra fabric blend, that stretches and bounces, in a wild array of colors and patterns and four sizes.

The stylish, durable, versatile reusable bags are made in the USA, manufactured in a factory rebuilt after being devastated by Hurricane Katrina. Percentage of sales is donated to Hope House in New Orleans.

Hope Nola bag

its-laS-tik bags can be used for groceries, travel carry-on, gym, yoga or beach bag, handbags, makeup/toiletry bags, evening clutch or backpack. its-laS-tik is the everything bag.

Medium, Pouches, Backpack

Unlike any other reusable bag big, small, heavy, light… they stretch, bounce and move with you while you walk, allowing you to hold more yet feel like you are carrying less.

They take the shape of their contents and hold everything securely while simultaneously taking the stress off your hands, back, shoulders and knees with their elasticity and flexibility

The bags are washable, reusable, economical and fashionable. The bags spring back into shape when emptied and roll up into a very compact little configuration.


Pouches are 5"x 9" with zipper & wristlet cost $11.99

Medium Bags are 12" x 13" cost $14.99

Large Bags are 15” x 16” cost $24.99

Backpacks are

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