Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dead Fred, Flying Lunchboxes, and the Good Luck Circle

What better, more imaginative, gift could children receive than a ‘dead’ shiner fish from the underwater kingdom of High Voltage who takes them on the adventure of their life?

This gift comes in the form of an exceptional children’s book, written to inspire treasured memories, magical enough to be stored forever in a child’s imagination. That book is Dead Fred, Flying Lunchboxes, and the Good Luck Circle (Health Communications, Inc.).

Just the name itself encourages a child’s mind to work overtime – and isn’t that what children ’s books are all about - piquing the imagination? Frank McKinney is the man behind the book. A man who has proven time and time again he has the ability to create wonder – not just in the eyes of a child – but in everything he touches. No small feat in this day of too much realism.

His magical tale was inspired by stories shared with his daughter, passing through an eerie tropical forest and over a rickety drawbridge, on 1,200+ daily one-mile walks to school! These stories became a rich tradition for all who have taken part in the “Dead Fred” adventure - they will also undoubtedly become yours!

Ppeekk (pronounced ‘Peekie’) Rose Berry is the thirteen year-old heroine in McKinney’s epic odyssey. Forced to walk to her first day of school after moving from rural Indiana to sunny Florida, she has a chance encounter with a mysterious little man who leads her to find King Frederick the 9th, a flattened, 3-inch, dead shiner fish who comes to life in her hands. Aptly naming him “Dead Fred,” she is soon introduced to his brilliant underwater kingdom of High Voltage – a place where manatees talk and practical-joking clownfish encourage children to launch their lunchboxes off the bridge!

Ppeekk learns that Dead Fred has been dethroned by Megalodon, a fiendish 50-foot prehistoric shark that uses his entourage of vicious crabs and blood-red remora fish to threaten and extract the imagination and joy of children everywhere – and bring the kingdom of High Voltage to an abrupt end.
Ppeekk and her friends combine their resources to lure Megalodon and his rogue army into the fight of their lives in a heart-pounding adventure that takes place in the middle of a fierce and deadly Category 5 hurricane.

Frank McKinney has been profiled on Oprah, 20/20, CBS Evening News, USA Today and the Travel Channel. He is a five-time international best-selling author, philanthropist and visionary. Dead Fred, Flying Lunchboxes, and the Good Luck Circle is charged with fairy-tale wonder and enthralling magic.

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