Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Healthy treats (not tricks!) this Halloween!

This Halloween, moms across the country can ditch the sugar-filled candy bowl and finally feel good about the snacks they pass out to local trick-or-treaters! Revolution Foods– the leading provider of healthy, delicious, organic snacks for the lunchbox – offers four flavorful treats that can serve as the perfect substitute for traditional Halloween candy.

Leaving the disguises to the kids, these organic snacks contain no artificial ingredients, HFCS or trans-fats. With fun names and kid-friendly flavors, the only thing giving you the spooks this Halloween will be the neighborhood costumes! Suggested treats (not tricks!) include:

Organic Jammy Sammy. It’s a kid favorite combo in snack-sized bar! Each packable bar is made with nourishing ingredients that help kids have more sustained energy throughout the day and are available in PB & Grape, PB & Strawberry, Apple Cinnamon & Oatmeal, and Blueberries & Oatmeal flavors.

Organic Mashups. A fresh take on a fruit snack, Mashups are sure to be a hit this Halloween! Real organic fruits are made into purees that can be eaten right out of the pack, creating an easy squeezy way to get kids the yummy fruits they need. Mashups are available in kid-favorite flavors including Berry, Grape, Tropical, and Strawberry Banana.

Organic PopAlongs. These delicious popped (not fried) chips are made with whole grain rice, corn and oats. This healthy take on the traditional potato chip is available in single-serving 100 calories packs in Original, Cheesy Cheese and Simply Cinnamon flavors!

Organic Grammy Sammy. Bringing the goodness of graham & yogurt together, this grab-n-go combination will hit a sweet spot for sure. Unlike the staple graham cracker, these snacks use WHOLE GRAINS and offer no more than 120 calories per serving. These graham-tastic bars come in Honey Graham & Strawberry Yogurt, Cocoa Graham & Banana Yogurt, and Cinnamon Graham & Vanilla Yogurt flavors.

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