Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Delicious Autumn Wines at Affordable Prices

For many of us, last year’s splurge is this year’s blatant waste of money. With the economy on everyone’s minds this fall, even the most discriminating diners are going to rethink those wines that are more about making an impression than pleasing the palate. For the folks at Click Wine Group, the new world economic order makes perfectly good sense. That’s because Click has always focused on premium quality and good value at reasonable prices in every brand they have brought to market.

Every wine buff who opens a bottle from Click will find they’ve purchased a delicious, top quality brand that delivers far more than they might have expected when they looked at the price tag. Moreover, the Click portfolio includes wines, created in partnership with wineries around the world, for virtually every palate. At average prices between $10-$13, now is the time to try one of these wines.

For a spicy autumn meal:
Rich and robust Shiraz – Fat Bastard ($10.99)
Smooth, richly flavored Carmenere – Root: 1 ($11.99)

With Thanksgiving turkey:
Hearty and delicious Riesling –Clean Slate ($10.99) and Flying Fish ($12.99)

For Sizzling Steaks and Grilled Meats:
Spicy and full-flavored Malbec – High Note ($12.99)
Classic and fruity Cabernet Sauvignon – Root: 1 ($12.99)

For a cool autumn night:
Smooth and citrusy Sauvignon Blanc – Root: 1 ($12.99)
Captivating Chardonnay – Root: 1 ($12.99)

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