Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Good Drinks for Bad Holidays

The holidays aren't always holly jolly. Annoying carolers, family drama, holiday traffic - it's enough to make anyone turn off "It's a Wonderful Life" and stir up an alcoholic remedy. So it's a good thing that author Kerry Colburn decided to follow up her hilarious Good Drinks for Bad Days with GOOD DRINKS FOR BAD DAYS: HOLIDAY EDITION (Sasquatch Books; October 2009; $12.95; Hardcover).

These delectable drinks are customized to please even the biggest Grinch, with almost 50 cleverly-named tonics and recipes to remedy every holiday disaster. There's the "Sloe Driver" to soothe the effects of a holiday traffic nightmare. If ice and snow on the road are keeping you indoors, a "Heat Wave" transports you to a tropical climate. From relationship woes to awkward gift moments, this array of tasty drink recipes will work wonders on anyone's holiday.

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