Thursday, June 19, 2008

Smart Holiday Gift Ideas

Timeless. Entertaining. Budget-friendly. Puzzle books—the perfect gift option for anyone aged 8 to 80—are here with a vengeance this fall. The two fun (and totally different) titles detailed below debut late October.

LIFE Picture Puzzle: The Amazing Boxed Set—Can you spot the difference between LIFE Picture Puzzle books and the other books gifted each holiday season? LIFE Picture Puzzle books are never re-gifted. Picture puzzles ask solvers to find the differences between two similar photographs. 850,000+ books have been sold (and kept!) since this puzzle series leapt from the pages of LIFE magazine (it was the most popular recurring column). The Amazing Boxed Set features three books with images of vacation spots, animals and other amazing scenes. LIFE Picture Puzzle: The Amazing Boxed Set- Published by LIFE Books- Price $24.95 US.

Fabulous Fun with Puzzles—Sharpen your No. 2 pencils! Originally published in 1947, Fabulous Fun with Puzzles is set to be re-released in a hard, cloth-covered volume with over 400 puzzles, from brain teasers, coin and matchstick challenges, and riddles. Over 60 years later these puzzles are still a challenge: Can you think of a word containing a double a (no proper names)? How about double h, i or w?*Fabulous Fun with Puzzles- Published by Time Inc. Home Entertainment-Price $13.95 US.

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