Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Ceramic Knife Sharpener/Vertical Peeler

New Kyocera Knife Sharpener Uses Ceramic Wheel To Sharpen Steel.

Another benefit of the Kyocera Sharpener is an ergonomic handle
for maximum comfort and control. The handle allows the user a
secure and safe grip to prevent injuries. Simply put the steel
knife in slot of the sharpening wheel and lightly move back and
forth several times to the desired sharpness. (Not for use on
ceramic or serrated blades

The knife sharpener sells for $17.95 at many retail venues nationally and at:

New Ceramic Bladed Vertical Peeler Offers Quality & Comfort In The Kitchen.

About Advanced Ceramics - Manufactured in Japan, these unique
ceramic cutlery and accessories products from Kyocera are
renowned for their exceptional technical characteristics. To
make the blades, ceramic material is ground into a micro-fine
powder, made into slurry and poured into a machine where it is
subjected to 100 tons of pressure and molded into blades.
Following the molding process, the blades are sintered at a
temperature of over 1,000 degrees, surface finished, tumbled and
buffed. The blades are then precision-polished, buffed, honed
and sharpened using diamond wheels to create the primary cutting
edge. The result is a zirconium oxide blade that is extremely
sharp and durable, close to diamond in hardness.

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