Monday, June 30, 2008

Perfect Tools to Bring the Chef This 4th of July

When throwing the ultimate cookout this 4th of July, Don’t forget your Grill Daddy and Grill Daddy Pro! These powerful grill cleaning tools are cleaning grills everywhere and make for the perfect house gift! The perfectly sleek and ultra lightweight cleaning tools are specifically designed to thoroughly, quickly, and easily clean any barbeque grill with the power of steam no matter what the mess! Available in two convenient sizes, the smaller travel size Grill Daddy and larger master cleaner the Grill Daddy Pro are perfect for BBQ aficionados, Outdoor enthusiasts, Sport fanatics, Hostesses with the Mostest, Picnic buffs and Gourmet Grill lovers everywhere!

Grill Daddy: The quintessential tool for camping in the woods, beachside bonfire or a summer evening barbeque with friends and family, one can grill some sure fire delectable BBQ and still manage to keep their travel grill clean with the press of a button, release of a little steam, and the stroke of the Grill Daddy brush! At only14 inches long, the Grill Daddy is designed for small, compact, and travel grills, and retails for $19.99. Replacement cleaning brushes are also available.

Grill Daddy Pro: Is the ultimate d\ream cleaner for the BBQ competitor, serious Chef and/or the ultimate griller. The Grill Daddy Pro is both easy to use and affordable at $24.99 and is great for cleaning large grills; it is perfect for today’s hottest restaurants or for a large back yard barbeque party. The Grill Daddy Pro, measures 22 inches long and has ergonomically correct handles for use with each hand, which makes it LEFTY friendly.

Specially designed for convenience and safety in mind, the Grill Daddy’s ergonomic handles keeps hands away from heat and provides maximum leverage while the heavy duty stainless steel bristles break up caked on food without harming porcelain covered grill grates. By liquefying the grease, it prevents future grease build up in the brush and cleans grills down to the original surface restoring sear marks for grilling perfection. The Grill Daddy is Eco- Friendly too as it only uses water to clean- no harsh chemicals and it’s made with FDA approved materials so no lead or toxins. It sterilizes as it cleans and conveniently stores on hanging hooks along with other grill utensils, helping to make life just a little more organized! Dishwasher safe, the brushes easily detach to make brush clean-up a cinch!

Forget flimsy throw away brushes that don’t do the job and can’t endure the grueling process of cleaning a grill the Grill Daddy and Grill Daddy Pro make cleaning cinch starting this Grilling season. Grill Daddy and Grill Daddy detachable replacement brushes are available online and and at Target, Walgreen’s, CVS and more.

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