Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Roosters Restaurant Comes to Milford

Milford residents can start counting the days until the grand opening of the latest Roosters restaurant in the Cincinnati area. Roosters is known for its variety of chicken wings, pizzas, burgers, salads and FUN!

The restaurant’s grand opening celebration is set for 11:00 am on Monday, July 14. The first 100 customers will receive a free Roosters t-shirt and a Fun Card that allows them a 10% discount on in-store meals through the end of the year.

Roosters is well-established in and around Columbus, but is a new concept for many people in the Cincinnati area. “Roosters is a family-friendly sports restaurant that provides great food and an even better value,” said Melissa Richter, Roosters co-owner. “At a time when people are watching their wallets, a family of four can have a great meal and a great time at Roosters for around $25,” added Richter.

As one might expect in a restaurant named Roosters, the signature dish is the chicken wing. Wings are cooked fresh in pure soy oil. Customers can choose from a variety of original sauces, including teriyaki, bbq, garlic, mild and hot. For customers who like their wings extremely hot, they can venture into “Donkey,” “Killer” and “Super Killer” wings. “Even people who love hot food will be lucky to make it through five “Super Killer” wings,” says Richter.

In addition to wings, other signature dishes include the Buffalo Chicken Pizza, the Red, Bacon & Blue Salad, and the Parmesan Chicken Sandwich.

While they dine, customers can view their favorite sporting events on more than three dozen 42” high-definition plasma televisions.

The new Milford Roosters will be owned and operated by BRF Management Group.

BRF Management Group has the rights to open seven Roosters restaurants in a three-county area in and around Cincinnati. The Milford location will be the group’s second Roosters. BRF’s first Roosters is located in Springdale.

BRF is made up of a group of Chillicothe, Ohio residents with a broad background of business experience. Mark and Cheryl Frazier are long-time residents of Chillicothe. Mark is a CPA and financial planner, and the couple has been operating a successful financial planning business for the last 17 years. Rich and Melissa Richter are also long-time Chillicothe residents. Rich is president of his family’s home improvement business that has served Chillicothe for 50 years. Melissa has extensive restaurant experience, having worked in management with Red Lobster, Applebee’s and Tumbleweed restaurants. Marketing Manager Kristi Burns is also a native of Chillicothe and has owned and operated a salon and spa for almost 20 years.

The new Roosters is located at 101 Old Bank Road in Milford.

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