Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A ‘Whole' New Picnic and Cookout Dining Experience

The prime outdoor picnic season in North America is almost here, and Wholemato has the perfect new healthy condiment to place in the cooler or picnic basket for an outdoor culinary adventure. Wholemato Organic Agave Ketchup is a delicious new gourmet topping for hot dogs, burgers and sandwiches, whether they are of the meat or vegetarian variety. It is also ‘ripe’ for grilling and is a flavorful sauce to add to a wide variety of picnic and barbecue recipes. Wholemato Organic Agave Ketchup also has a remarkable mouth-feel that is not experienced with other ketchups.

Wholemato (www.wholemato.com) has sparked a healthy ketchup revolution with the recent launch of their Original Organic Agave Ketchup. This fresh update of an old classic combines the rich flavor of premium ripe organic tomatoes with an artistic blend of spices and agave nectar - a natural sweetener that is one of the hot culinary trends in the healthy food marketplace. Agave is a robust natural sweetener comprised primarily of fructose. Therefore, it is sweeter to the taste buds – yet it does not adversely impact blood glucose and insulin. So, while it is a delightful sweetener for everyone, it is particularly ideal for the millions of diabetics and parents of hyperactive children that have concerns regarding the glycemic levels in their food. Wholemato Organic Agave Ketchup is gluten-free, and has been certified as Low-Glycemic for Diabetics by the Glycemic Research Institute due to its remarkable low score on the glycemic index of only 7 per tablespoon.

Coming Soon for Grilling Season: Wholemato SPICY Organic Agave Ketchup
A goal of Wholemato is to take ketchup to a whole new level. So, in addition to the recently announced Original version, Wholemato will be introducing a new Spicy Organic Agave Ketchup that will hit store shelves soon, just in time for the busy picnic and cookout season. Wholemato Organic Agave Ketchup is offered in a premium glass bottle. The 13-ounce glass bottle provides comfort to the growing number of people concerned about chemicals that may leach out of plastic bottles – especially since tomatoes and ketchup have a naturally acidic pH. The suggested retail price for Wholemato Organic Agave Ketchup is $4.99, and it is available at Whole Foods Markets and other retailers around the U.S.

Wholemato is a family-owned business that is committed to enhancing the health of customers and supporting sustainable organic agriculture. All of the ingredients in Wholemato Organic Agave Ketchup are certified organic, and the agave nectar is harvested sustainably by a collective of indigenous people in Mexico. The founders of Wholemato celebrate the great southern tradition of sauce-making and have combined their love of gourmet food with their formal nutrition training and vast culinary experience to produce foods that are wholesome and of the highest quality. www.wholemato.com

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sandy winz said...

Hi! I have orderd from this place twice and am very pleased to share. They have great kosher organic and natural food products including agave nectar.
Here is a link http://www.wholeandnatural.com
p.s. I used a code try if it works for you bldc08