Thursday, March 20, 2008

Specialty Food Delivered to Home Chefs

There’s a new foodie Web store for epicures. Marx Foods, a Seattle-based online specialty food company was created as a result of home cooks desiring access to the unique products they savor at fine restaurants.

Many people who are adventurous enough to try cooking geoduck or would like to eat truly wild, wild boar may not have access to such delicacies. Or maybe they loved the rich, wine braised osso bucco filled ravioli they had when they last ate out at a restaurant, but wouldn’t know where to begin (or want to take the time) to recreate the dish at home.

After hundreds, if not thousands, of individual inquiries to sister company, North American Import and Export the Marx Family decided to create to capture the consumer market which has now taken a life of its own. is devoted to bringing high quality wholesale products, the same products that many fine restaurants serve, from the source directly to the consumer’s doorstep—and usually delivering in less than 24 hours.

“Our products are the star of the meal,” said Justin Marx, president. “We sell what stands out or will be the dinner conversation piece. Regardless of if you’re serving Dungeness crab or rabbit as a main dish or complementing your feast with truffle infused honey or sea vegetables, our food will help create a divine dining experience.” caters to people who care about what they put in their body. Mushrooms and truffles are hand foraged in the Pacific Northwest. The salmon is wild, not farmed. Bison are free-range and humanely raised. Wild boar is trapped in its natural habitat in the Texas hill country and humanely treated during and after capture. It’s a priority to provide fresh, healthy, all-natural and environmentally friendly products. sources their items from a network of expert farmers, fishermen and foragers, many of them local to Washington. This is an opportunity for people all over the country to experience a lot of what Washington has to offer food-wise. Native product include Eaton Natural Beef, mushrooms, fish, shellfish, wild produce, Camelina, spelt and emmer.

A goal of the company is to continue to add hard-to-find delicacies as well as food related items. In lieu of using paper plates, Marx Foods offers an environmentally friendly way to set the table with their line of Palm Leaf Dinnerware. Each piece is natural, renewable and biodegradable.

“ is a great site for home chefs, or really anyone interested in food, just to browse to see what new products are out there,” said Marx. “Items such as Camelina seed oil and ostrich aren’t something you run across at your average grocery store.”

Elegant Artisanal ravioli is also available with over 40 mouth-watering, hand-crafted fillings including braised short rib, Grand Mariner roasted duck, lobster, coconut shrimp and amaretto butternut squash. The varieties of pasta are either plain or accented with flavors such as parsley, rosemary, pink peppercorn, red bell pepper, squid ink, nutmeg and sweet potato.

The people of Marx Foods care very much about the quality of the food they consume and are therefore committed to providing only the best to their consumers. The Web site will constantly be updated offering new and exciting or seasonal items. Customer ideas, input and suggestions for products or the Web site are welcome and much appreciated.

“We really enjoy building relationships with our customers,” said Katy Springer, General Manager. “Most people who purchase items from us are not only fascinated with food and cooking, but have interesting stories. One lady bought frog legs for a Leap Year party she was hosting and another man bought Camelina seeds to bring out the shine in his pet canary’s feathers. Unusual products evoke unusual applications, I guess.”

Marx Foods (, headquartered in Seattle, Wash. is an online specialty food company dedicated to bringing the highest quality epicurean products directly to the consumer’s doorstep. For a decade, it has been selling to white tablecloth restaurants nationwide. Items now available to consumers include a variety of truffles, truffle products, game meat, grass-fed beef & veal, sausage, game birds, seafood, sea vegetables, wild produce, oils, grains, seeds and filled pastas. To ensure freshness, most products are shipped via Federal Express overnight

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, special requests are welcome by calling (866) 588-MARX. Not sure what to buy the food lover in your life? Gift certificates are available.

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