Monday, January 14, 2008

Vancouver-based FullyLoadedTea, first of its kind in North America

Vancouver-based tea company, FullyLoadedTea, proudly announces the company’s recent launch of their innovative whole fruit, exotic berry, and vegetable blends – the first of its kind in North America to incorporate actual berries harvested from around the globe, unveiling eight bold flavours cited as the newest trend in the tea world.

“FullyLoadedTea fills the vacancy in the premium tea market,” says Katya Popoff, co-founder and co-president of FullyLoadedTea. “We take exotic berries full of vitamins and antioxidants, blend them with whole leaf teas, package them in award-winning designs to create truly innovative, exceptional tea blends that appeal to young urban professionals with a yearning for small luxuries.”

Prior to the company’s official North American rollout in March 2007, Siberian-born sisters and founders of FullyLoadedTea, Katya Popoff and Olga Lenova, tapped Vancouver design firm Subplot Design Inc. to create a complete brand identity and packaging system. Since then, FullyLoadedTea’s distinctive packaging design has won numerous awards, recognizing the brand as a bold, opinionated, full-flavoured, big attitude line.

The passionate, young entrepreneurs develop fresh, exciting and modern tea blends that are as delicious as they are healthy - and with names like Tomato Rebel Black Tea and Bulletproof Currant Fruit Tea, the drinking experience promises to be as memorable as the names in which they were christened.

“Our goal is to drive innovation in the tea industry, creating breakthrough blends that reflect our distinctive company brand,” explains Popoff.

Having recently been selected as the only Canadian company to join the 2007 Emmy Awards “Main Event Red Carpet Lounge” gifting suite this past September, FullyLoadedTea is quickly making its mark in Canada and the US.

The Canadian company’s specialty teas are currently available at select retailers in North America, including Nesters Markets, BC; Meinhardt Fine Foods, BC; Waves Coffee, BC; Chamberlin’s Market, Florida; AKiN’s Natural Foods in Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Nebraska; and Harvest Moon Food Store in Virginia and New Hampshire, among others, as well as for purchase online at

About FullyLoadedTea
A truly modern drink company, FullyLoadedTea takes exotic berries full of vitamins and antioxidants and blends them with premium whole leaf green, black, and white teas to create eight delicious and energizing gourmet concoctions. Siberian natives and tea lovers, sisters Katya Popoff and Olga Lenova, founded the young, modern tea company. Found in a number of fine food stores and gourmet tea and coffee shops across North America, every FullyLoadedTea brew is also available for purchase online at

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