Friday, January 11, 2008

New Dish Cleaning Product Saves Time, Money & The Environment

What sets Magic Sheets apart from possible competition is that
they are completely organic, nontoxic and will biodegrade 100%
in just 21 days. Magic Sheets cleaning capabilities have been
designed for maximum ease, power and speed. Although initially
designed for the home-use market, Magic Sheets are also ideal
for cleaning grimy BBQ grills and are equally useful for the
commercial kitchen/restaurant market.

How Do Magic Sheets Work: Even if a lubricant is used before
baking, a considerable amount of debris can stick to the surface
of most pans. Instead of soaking the dirty pan overnight, simply
wet the sheet wipe the item, fill the pan with water, drop a
Magic Sheet in the center and continue to clean the rest of the
dishes. After just 15 minutes or so all of the debris will have
been loosened from the surface, much of it latched on to the
Magic Sheet. The composition of the sheet is such that it
literally pulls the debris away from the pan

Each Magic Sheet is strong enough to handle the toughest debris
of any pot or pan. Besides the timesavings and ease of use,
Magic Sheets eliminate the need for purchasing scour pads,
abrasives, and other high intensity dish care products that are
typically used for pots and pans

A packaged box of 40 Magic Sheets sell for $5.95 and are
available at:

For more information go to:

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