Friday, January 11, 2008

The Sauce Lab

Innovators with over thirty years experience in the commercial food manufacturing and co-packing business are turning their attention to the consumer. THE SAUCE LAB offers home chefs, restaurateurs and foodies a chance to have their signature recipes turned into commercially packed products.

THE SAUCE LAB is a one-stop resource for professional specialty food product development, design and manufacture.

THE SAUCE LAB will manufacture, bottle, label and package a home or restaurant recipe using the most up to date standards and commercial equipment in compliance with all government regulations.

THE SAUCE LAB specializes in pasta sauces, salad dressings, salsas, cooking/grill sauces, marinades and bbq sauces. All products will be packed in glass bottles or jars.

“Large food manufacturing companies are not equipped to accommodate individuals looking to break into the specialty food business,” says Philip Hoffman, Chief Creative Officer. “The SAUCE LAB was created to address this important need.”

THE SAUCE LAB is unique because it handles every aspect of the project – bringing together, for the first time under one roof, all of the dozens and dozens of procedures, tasks and bits of minutiae that, before now, have been overwhelming and near impossible for the consumer or even the most ambitious entrepreneur who has the dream of getting products out into the world. From product development through test batches, government safety regulations, manufacturing, label design and printing and packing – THE SAUCE LAB handles it all!

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