Monday, February 4, 2013

Cook Smarter with Cook4Lyfe

Ever since man began walking upright, hunting for food and preparing that food to be eaten has taken up a great deal of humanity’s limited time. Even today, with the internet and new gadgets aiding in the exploration of the toughest ingredients, once thought to only be utilized by the masters, finding quality recipes and the time to cook can be difficult. Cook4Lyfe, a new kitchen utility app, streamlines the cooking process by breaking that process down into a step by step “meal cycle” to help you decide what to cook, where to go to get the ingredients you need and how to make that delicious dish.

C4L will help you create a simple home inventory of ingredients you already have (using bar code scanner) and using gesture control move, add or delete ingredients from the inventory to your grocery list. Cook4Lyfe will even recommend a grocery store based on the ingredients on your list and will now give you driving directions to the grocery store. Cook4Lyfe has a database of over 40,000 tried and true recipes from your favorite bloggers and food websites and is updated daily. The newest version of Cook4lyfe allows users to set dietary filters for specific dietary needs along with pulling in the hottest trending recipes to help jumpstart that creative culinary genius that lurks within all home chefs!

Cook4Lyfe’s intuitive gesture control interface allows you to easily:
• Customize your home Inventory of ingredients
• Search from over 40,000 recipes based on your customized inventory
• Save favorite recipes and ingredients
• Create custom shopping lists from missing inventory ingredients
• Find the best grocery store in your area to find the ingredients you need
• Get directions to the recommended store
• Add purchased ingredients using swipe based gesture control to the inventory
• Streamline the entire grocery shopping and cooking process!

We are so excited about our newest version of the app (V1.2), now available in the app store for $1.99. Cook4Lyfe is a product developed by Patrick Kellenberger of CubeLyfe, Inc. a Denver, Colorado-based iOS app development company. Cubelyfe strives to create apps that make life easy and exciting by combining minimalist design with intuitive functionality.

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