Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Smartest Way to Feed Your Baby

Feed your baby the smart way via mimijumi, a modern baby bottle that is breast like in appearance and texture, so that when mothers start with the "Very Hungry" bottle, babies are less likely to have a problem transitioning between breast and bottle. It can be challenging for nursing moms to make the switch to bottles. mimijumi’s nipple like design aims to make the latching transition easier with its soft silicon texture, shape and color.

mimijumi's flow replacement nipples come in a 2 pack and are available in three different flow rates; slow, medium and fast. The nipple screws on as one piece, which means no assembly is required. Only the safest medical and food grade silicone is used for each nipple. Ideal for bottle picky babies, newborns also gravitate to this form of feeding, as it is an aid to prolonging breastfeeding, a natural way to enhance immunity and prevent obesity and diabetes later in life.

mimijumi Key Features:
Flow rates include Slow Flow – 1 to 3 months; Medium Flow – 3 to 6 months; Fast Flow – 6 months and up
Integrated venting prevents colic
Easy to clean and dishwasher and microwave safe
Screw on one piece construction
Made with medical and food grade silicon; BPA latex and EA free
Exceeds US safety standards

The "Very Hungry" baby bottle (8 oz) and nipples retail for $14.99 and the “Not So Hungry” baby bottle (4 oz) is available for $13.99 nationwide and also online at thenewmomshop.com.

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