Monday, February 27, 2012

Every Way You Didn’t Know You Could Use Tea

Natural remedy enthusiasts consistently scour the Internet and editorial pages to find natural, do-it-yourself solutions to replace the never-ending accumulation of bottles and products in their cabinets. With companies constantly developing new and unconventional ways to make products multi-use or all-in-one, it can be tough to weed through the mess and get to the real!

Although entertaining, most products end up being fundamentally ridiculous like a lipstick that can be used as a pen with a foldout comb or a hair band/belt that can also transform into a hamper.

Teatulia single garden organic teas collaborated with nutritionists and medical specialists to peg some savvy ways to get the most out of your tea—no cup or sugar necessary!

Did you know:
· Soaked tea bags can be used to turn grey hair dark again, reduce razor burn and relieve tired eyes
· Neem tea leaves can be used as a natural birth control, fade acne scars and restore balance to your skin
· Ginger tea helps reduce menstrual cramps, relieves stress and has antioxidants that help strengthen the immune system
· Tulsi tea helps to increase stamina and metabolism as well as balancing blood glucose levels
· Peppermint tea has menthol which helps ease headaches and improves your concentration

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