Monday, December 6, 2010

Wake Up Winter with Fresh Blueberry and Orange Yogurt Parfait

Hard getting the family up and at'em during these dark cold mornings? Lure them outof their warm beds with the promise of a summer beach party breakfast in the deep of winter. Although farm fields in America are frosted over, south of the equator in Chile, it's peak growing season. That means sweet summer fruits from Chile like blueberries are hitting our markets right now. So put on some Beach Boys tunes, spritz the air with coconut-scented room fragrance, drape your summer beach towels over the backs of the chairs, place some tropical-flavored drinks in a cooler and toss together this delectable fresh blueberry parfait. Juicy ripe blueberries team up with crisp granola and creamy orange low-fat yogurt for summer-hued layers of lusciousness. It's easy, it's healthy and best of all, it's a tasty treat of summer sweetness to brighten the darkest of winter days - at breakfast time or any time.

Image courtesy of the Chilean Fresh Fruit Association. Click to download.

Chilean Fresh Blueberry and Orange Yogurt Breakfast Parfait

1 cup granola
3 5oz. low fat orange yogurt cartons
4 cups fresh blueberries
Divide and layer ingredients into four glasses, starting with granola, blueberries then yogurt. Repeat. Garnish with fresh orange zest.
Great for breakfast or an afternoon snack.

Nutrients per serving:
Calories 302, calories from fat 36, fat 4gms, saturated fat 3gms, cholesterol 9mg, sodium61mg,dietary fiber 5gms, protein 6gms
Makes 4 - 2 cup servings
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Handling and Storage Tips
By the time you buy Chilean fresh blueberries in your grocery store, a great deal of care has already gone into maintaining its quality, freshness, and flavor. By continuing this process of proper care and handling at home, you'll get more pleasure out of every delicious bite!

Do not wash berries until ready-to-eat.
Use berries in fruit salads, pancakes, on top of ice cream or in classic pies or muffins.

To freeze berries, place them one layer deep on sheet pans, freeze, then place in freezer containers.

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