Monday, December 6, 2010

The Cook's Book Of Intense Flavors

Cooking is about creating maximum flavor. While technique is necessary for any recipe to hold its own, it is intense, rich and unexpected flavor that sets your senses and your taste buds tingling. Husband and wife cooking team Robert and Molly Krause, who have headed several successful restaurants, will share the insider secrets that got their restaurant, Krause Dining, on Food and Wine magazine’s 2008 list of “100 best" recipes, restaurants and wines.

THE COOK’S BOOK OF INTENSE FLAVORS (Fair Winds Press, October 2010, $19.99, hardback with color photos) will give the both the beginning and the advanced home chef a look inside the kitchen of the couple who is single handedly building an international food scene in Lawrence, Kansas. This one of a kind cookbook will make readers rethink the way they approach food, including:
Learning how to cook more innovatively by adding an unexpected note such cumin to a traditional flavor combination such as cinnamon and cocoa;
Cooking more intuitively by learning which flavors work together and how to balance different flavor profiles such as sweet, sour, savory, and spicy; and
Getting more excitement from cooking as they taste how flavors shift and evolve during the cooking process.
THE COOK’S BOOK OF INTENSE FLAVORS contains 101 extraordinary combinations and accompanying recipes that show how to get the most flavor out of any ingredient--whether it’s an innovative twist on a classic pairing, flavor that is over-the-top decadent, or inspiration for the fresh asparagus from the farmer’s market or the balsamic vinegar in the pantry. It is an indispensable guide to every type of flavor combination from exotic and decadent to classics made exciting and modern.

Flavor combinations include:

Tomato + Cheese + Truffle
Fig + Apple + Anchovy
Orange + Saffron + Vanilla
Chocolate + Lime + Cream
Egg + Caviar + Chervil

About the Authors
Robert Krause received training at The Culinary Institute at Hyde Park, New York. He has been an entrepreneur in the food world for over 20 years, creating menus and executing food preparation for catered events, informal sandwich shops, and upscale gourmet dining. His restaurants have been featured in “The Kansas City Star” and listed as a #11 in the 2008 Food & Wine “100 Tastes to Try” issue. He operates two restaurants where he lives in Lawrence, Kansas with his wife Molly and their three daughters.

Molly Krause graduated from the University of Kansas. She trained for pastry work under her husband Robert, is the Executive Pastry Chef for their restaurants, and teaches cooking classes. She and Robert travel frequently with their family, cooking for clients in California, New York, and Europe.

* * *
101 Surprising Flavor Combinations and Extraordinary Recipes That Excite Your Palate and Pleasure Your Senses
by Robert and Molly Krause
Fair Winds Press
October 2010
Hardback; $26.00
ISBN: 978-1-59233-432-2

NOTE: We were fortune enough to see this book. It is enjoyable and a bit unconventional in it's take. A can't go wrong for the cooking foodie in your life this holiday season!

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