Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Get Fit and Healthy in 2011 with a Help from Element Bars!

Element Bars is a Chicago based energy bar company that is giving consumers the ability to create their own bar by choosing from all natural and organic ingredients. People are inherently different and have their own unique tastes, nutritional needs and wants. That’s why Element Bars bakes the bars using the ingredients the customer has chosen and delivers them fresh from their ovens to the customer’s door. “We give customers the online tools to create their own bars so they can truly enjoy a unique customized experience,” says Element Bars Founder, Jonathan Miller.

Go Online and Get Creative with the Element Bar Customization Process:
• Core – the first step in the process is choosing the core/base for your bar. Would you like it to be chewy, oaty, crispy or datey?
• Fruits – next up is the addition of your favorite fruits.
• Nuts - then, if you so desire, add in some crunch with nuts.
• Sweets – sweeten things up with the addition of honey, pumpkin spice, and more.
• Boosts – looking for a little something extra in your custom bar? You can add in Whey Protein, Omega-3, and other performance and health boosting options.
• Name your bar – as this just might be the funnest part of the process, you can choose to do this first or last as there is an icon that you can click on anytime.

*While at work (or should we say play) creating your custom bar, you will see a label that lists the nutrition facts for the bar which changes as you add/subtract ingredients. Plus, you will receive a warning notice if there are incompatible ingredients while you are designing your bar to help you create the perfect bar the first time.

Raising the Bar
A pioneer in the custom energy bar market, Jonathan Miller created Element Bars two years ago when he realized that customers were really embracing the customization trend. The idea for custom bars in particular sparked from a conversation with a friend. Jonathan was snacking on an energy bar that he had made in his kitchen when a friend shared that he too would like to make a bar but one with almonds and raisins. Since Jonathan is not a fan of raisins, he concluded that people have different tastes and want products made to match their preferences. He then developed a unique and interactive drag and drop interface bringing the custom energy bar to life.

Visit to create and name your own box of bars (one dozen) for just $36 or sample the company’s own creations and/or their variety pack (one dozen) for just $24. Need a gift? Go for a gift certificate and choose from 5 different price options or give a box of bars that comes packaged in a gift box w/note.

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