Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ted Reader redefines the traditional burger

Introducing Napoleon’s Everyday Gourmet Burgers, a new mouth‑watering masterpiece created by celebrity chef Ted Reader, in collaboration with Napoleon Gourmet Grills. The book was released April 1st and is dedicated to the deliciousness and versatility of the everyday hamburger.

Over 300 pages showcase Ted’s originality and passion for his favourite food- the hamburger. Accompanied by vivid full colour photos, each recipe illustrates the art of assembling the perfect burger.

For Ted, a hamburger is not just something that’s tossed on the grill for easy consumption – it’s a way of life and a gourmet art form.

“This book is not just about grilling a hamburger, it’s about an entire cooking experience,” said Chef Ted Reader. “My passion for creating a savory hamburger is reflected throughout this book. I hope my readers enjoy these recipes as much as I enjoyed creating them.”

Today, the popularity of hamburgers has skyrocketed. No longer found solely alongside hot dog stands; gourmet hamburgers are showing up in restaurants worldwide, from local diners to fine dining restaurants.

People are no longer satisfied with mediocrity when they can share in the delight of a juicy and satisfying hamburger. What makes a good burger is not just the final product, it’s the entire process.

Ted’s Gourmet Burgers help readers achieve the quality they are looking for by teaching effective grilling techniques. He demonstrates how to grind and bind your own meat and utilize fat, flavour and seasoning to bring out the characteristics of a good burger. He also instructs readers on how to prepare meat, utensils and grills in a way that’s conducive to a BBQ masterpiece.

Ted’s recipes showcase the versatility of burgers, while considering every palate and skill set. Whether a seasoned or amateur griller, vegetarian or meat lover, there is something in this book for everyone; including veggie, game, seafood, breakfast, veal, turkey, pork, kangaroo and even dessert burgers. Readers can achieve ideal results by mixing and matching their favourite meat from one recipe with condiments from another.

Ted’s book empowers people to become their own backyard hero, take charge of their own cooking and enjoy the experience with friends and family.

“This book is a true reflection of the person who wrote it,” said David Coulson of Napoleon Gourmet Grills. “Ted Reader defines fun and excitement in grilling. This book is sure to be a hit among grill and hamburger enthusiasts alike.”

Ted’s recipes are the epitome of innovation and creativity. Readers can find everything from the Schwarzenegger Burger- dedicated to the one and only Arnold Schwarzenegger, to the Poutine Burger, to the Billion-Dollar Burger and a traditional Classic All-Beef Burger.

Napoleon’s Everyday Gourmet Burgers is a chance to challenge your grilling expertise and most importantly to have fun! The book is available in soft cover for $27.95, at fine book stores everywhere.

About Ted Reader
Ted Reader is an award-winning chef and food entertainer, who’s parlayed his passion for food into a culinary tour de force that includes more than a dozen cook books, shelves of food products, live culinary performances, TV and radio cooking shows and appearances as well as culinary demonstrations, a catering company and teaching. Known for his pyrotechnic charm and fearless culinary spirit, it’s no surprise that GQ magazine labeled him the “crazy Canuck barbecue kingpin.” The dude just loves to cook! Ted’s quest for creating “real food for real people” has seen this high-profile culinary barbecue guru demonstrate his flair for grilling in all venues from swanky ball rooms to the Pacific Ocean to a downtown Toronto parking lot. Today, he owns more than 106 barbecues, grills and smokers in all shapes and sizes and never goes anywhere without one in the back of his truck.

For additional information, visit Ted on the web at: www.tedreader.com

About Napoleon Fireplaces & Grills

It all began in 1976 when a small steel fabrication business launched by Wolfgang Schroeter started manufacturing steel railings in Barrie, Ontario, Canada. At that time, no one could imagine the incredible future that lay ahead for Wolf Steel Ltd. and eventually Napoleon® Fireplaces and Napoleon® Gourmet Grills. Since the first wood stove rolled off the production line over 30 years ago, Wolf Steel's commitment was to be distinctive and successful in everything they do. Napoleon's commitment to producing quality products combined with honest, reliable service has proven to be a successful framework to ensuring the continued rapid growth of the company. Napoleon® is an ISO9001 - 2000 registered company and now operates with 500,000+ square feet of manufacturing space and over 500 employees. They are North America's largest privately owned manufacturer of quality wood and gas fireplaces (inserts and stoves), gourmet gas and charcoal grills, outdoor living products and waterfalls.
For more information on Napoleon Grills, please visit: www.napoleongrills.com

About Key Porter Books

One of Canada's most prominent publishers, Key Porter Books Limited is known internationally for its high quality illustrated books, and at home for its mainstream books of national interest. In the words of the Right Honourable Jean Chretien, Prime Minister of Canada, "since coming into being, Key Porter has established itself as a pre-eminent publishing house, providing an invaluable vehicle for Canadian authors to bring voices to a national audience.” Key Porter Books was founded as a joint venture of Anna Porter and Key Publishers in 1979 and incorporated in 1984. Key Porter Books publishes about 100 titles per year and has over 500 titles in print. Areas of specialization include Canadian politics, fiction, history biography, books on environmental and social issues, children's literature, health, wildlife, conservation, sports, business, cookbooks and photography. In the United States, Key Porter Books is distributed by Publisher’s Group West and their books are available through better book retailers and libraries throughout the country.

Key Porter Books can be found on the web at: www.keyporter.com

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Anonymous said...

The book is fantastic
Picked it up a couple of weeks ago and have made quite a few of the burgers already.
has renewed my interest in the hamburger
Instead of having a steak on the weekend now my wife and I are making up some of these "high end" fancy burgers instead...with delicious results.
Ted Reader truly is the Burger King