Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Summer Skinny Cocktails

TY KU has a wide variety of premium spirits—Liqueur, Sake, Ultra Premium Sake, and Soju. TY KU Soju improves the drinking experience for summer with 40% fewer calories than vodka and a superior, sophisticated light taste and crisp profile that is the result of an age old distilling process, hand selected barley, and pure spring water. Completely all natural with no additives, sweeteners, or preservatives, TY KU Soju creates better tasting, better balanced cocktails.

Celebrity fans include Jay-Z, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jessica Biel, Jeremy Piven, Jamie Foxx, Kate Hudson, John Mayer, Gisele Bündchen, Rosario Dawson, Ne-Yo, Jessica Simpson, Bon Jovi, and Michael Phelps.

Here are some specialty skinny cocktails with a 4th of July twist:

The 1776 Sipper - Calories 115
2 oz. TY KU Soju
2 oz. Iced Tea or Green Tea

The Sparkler - Calories 92
2 oz. TY KU Soju
Muddle Cucumber
Club Soda

Rocket's Red Glare - Calories 95
1 oz. TY KU Soju
1 oz. TY KU Liqueur
Splash of Sugar- Free Cranberry Juice

Asian Uncle Sam - Calories 92
2 oz. TY KU Soju
Squeeze & Drop in Wedge of Lemon/Lime/Orange
Splash of Club Soda

Endless Summer - Calories 95
2 oz. TY KU Sake
Splash of Pomegranate Juice

Naughty Lemonade – Calories 126
2 oz. TY KU Liqueur
2 oz. Fresh Lemonade
Splash of TY KU Soju

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melissa said...

I'm so excited that summer is almost here.. except a little stressed about pool season! ek! i just signed up for a membership at the Y and i'm going to take a break from budlight and switch to that yummy sounding naughty lemonade!!!